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About Westcoast School

altTHE RED ROSE: Deep, rich, beautiful and well defined with large stigma to easily facilitate cross-pollination. Our lives, a product of growth, must show substance and definition and the readiness to gather, interpret and process new information. As we are guided by God's Spirit, we help others and establish the kingdom of God in the hearts of men.

GRAY AND BURGANDY: Gray represents the shades of knowledge, and our need for continual study. BURGANDY represents the profound and exact. There are shades in understanding, and there are absolutes. Wisdom, discretion, and prudence must guide us throughout our lives so that we may be discerning contributors to the betterment of society.

THE CHERUB: The angelic being having four faces: that of a man, of a lion, an ox, and an eagle.

  • The face of the Cherub - showing care and respect for mankind. We are flesh and blood and must understand the plight of other people like ourselves.
  • The face of the Lion - bold in our stand and our action, not fearing what lies ahead, having conquered what is behind.
  • The face of the Ox - humble and strong, willing to work; able to carry and to pull the load.
  •  The face of the Eagle - swift and accurate: soaring high above; having keen insight, and seeing the overall picture and wisdom of God. With sharp vision and perception, able to enjoy and appreciate our place among the heights of the earth.  
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